Digital Content Coordinator

Position Title: Digital Content Coordinator
Societies: All Associations Served by Scientific Societies
Department: Marketing

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Primary Objective of the Position:

The Digital Content Coordinator collects data and metrics to recommend changes to marketing strategies and tactics. A successful coordinator will have knowledge of leading digital marketing tracking tools and have the ability to synthesize information to make recommendations for future campaign improvements. This role will be 25% data collection, 25% data interpretation and 50% creating content for social media, paid media campaigns, and association websites.

Major Areas of Accountability:

The primary areas of accountability for the Digital Content Coordinator are to:

Data Analysis - 25% of the role

Data Interpretation & Communication - 25% of the role

Digital Marketing - 50% of the role

Qualitfication Requirements:

The successful candidate will have excellent marketing writing skills, be innovative, have a solid understanding of integrated marketing campaigns (digital, social media and print).

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